"Everything you can imagine is real" - Pablo Picasso

It's always been my dream to develop environments and interactive artworks, as I believe this is the only true way to share our imagination.

In my spare time, I mostly work on both personal and team projects which include;

Game Development using the Creation Engine (Fallout 4), RAGE (Grand Theft Auto 5)

Computer Programming (C, C#, .Net, Java, Lua, GML)

Design (Illustration, Architecture, UI / UX)

3D Modelling

As lateral thinker I am always open to a learning challenge and developing new skills!

I'm very interested and skilled with different computer technologies including both hardware and software.

Work experience

Microsoft Ambassador
Limitless Technologies

Feb20 - Feb21

Microsoft Specialist

Apr19 - Oct19

Iron Hammer Studios
3D Artist

Oct17 - Aug19

Lead Developer

Oct18 - Aug19


BSc - Computing & IT and Design, Computer Programming